A note from Susan Zall, the creator of Writer's Infusion:

Like many of you, I began writing when I was a kid. I started off with a diary that had a two-letter combination padlock (yes, that's my real diary in the picture!). I still remember the combination, even though a hammer would break the lock right off. 

For years, I wrote without a support system. And in case you haven't figured it out, asking your parents and/or significant other might get you feedback, but it usually won't help improve your writing. 

Through sheer luck, I found Ladies Who Critique, an online free service that helps writers find critique partners.


Then I joined a local writers group. They help me improve my writing skills and provide me with the support that I need. 

Over a year ago, someone in the Walpole Writers Group mentioned that a local cable company wanted to film our sessions. Nothing, we all thought, would be more boring than watching us critique each other. But a few weeks later, I started thinking about the possibility. It's not easy to find a good writers group, and it's expensive to pay someone to critique your work. What if, instead of filming our own group, I created an organization that critiqued pages for other writers for free? 

I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was like that book, What Do You Do With An Idea?, by Kobi Yamada. The ideas kept coming so fast that I started sending myself emails in the middle of the night. I remembered all of the years I wrote without people to tell me what I was doing right, and what I was doing wrong. 



I did the following:

  • Wrote a business plan
  • Investigated various web design sites, cameras, camcorders, microphones
  • Discovered that my local cable station allows residents to borrow their equipment (I'm indebted forever to Walpole Cable)
  • Created a PowerPoint to present my idea to members of my writer's group (SOLD!)
  • Created a website
  • Hunted down local writers to submit samples to use in the first few episodes

And that was just the beginning...

What does Writer's Infusion mean for you?

Writer's Infusion will help you improve your writing. In addition to our episodes, we provide the names of other books, organizations, websites, venues, etc. that have helped us the most with our writing. We also choose random submissions for critiquing off-line, meaning that one or two of us will review pages and post our written edits, even if that submission isn't chosen for a show. And as writers comment and make suggestions, we'll make changes, too.

So keep writing!



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