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Writer's Infusion brings the experience and support of a writers group to the online writing community. Our team of writers provides free writing critiques on your submissions, and the audience has fun following along! Our goal is to help all writers realize that they're not alone in the pursuit of their writing dreams. 



Infuse Your Writing With...

  • Memorable characters

  • Fascinating plots

  • Engaging dialogue

  • Ideal word choice

  • Genuine emotion


Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback, it was my pleasure meeting the team and Connie. It makes me incredibly happy that professionals outside of the so-called literature profession (the majority of the team have been working outside of what might be called a "literary" profession). I only say this from my experience, my sister is a nurse and my brother-in-law is an engineer and they will not pick up a  book or magazine unless it is Harry Potter for my sister. Thank you for keeping that culture alive, not just for me but for all of the writers who still want the chance to have their work listened to. I'm definitely inspired now as opposed to before, to actually return to this piece and turn it into a potential story/memoir, as well as the novel I had worked on several years ago! Thank you to the whole team.

Billy Bowden, Writer: Episode 56

I am grateful to the Writer’s Infusion for the insightful critique of my memoir, Basement Cake. Each person respectfully illuminated the rough areas in my memoir and offered thoughtful suggestions for a rewrite. It was an honor and a pleasure to be invited.

Martha Coats, Writer: Episode 44

Writer's Infusion critiqued a sample from my YA manuscript-in-progress. Their feedback on storyline, voice, point of view, and language provided a new perspective on my writing and will help guide me as I complete the first draft and work through edits. I love that they provide a two-part critique: overall reader experience and line-edit. And I made a great agent connection through their live event at the Cambridge Library. It was such a beneficial experience; I’m recommending it to all the writers I know.

Joyce Doyle, Writer: Episode 40

Thank you, Writer's Infusion, for the honest and spirited critique of the first chapter of Retribution: A Cape Cod Love Story. Your team's objective review allowed me to eliminate the extraneous material and focus on the chapter's primary purpose. The group's understanding of story structure, grammar, and the writing process is obvious, as is the passion for helping writers develop their ideas. Writer's Infusion is a valuable resource for any writer who is looking to hone his or her craft.

---Chris Piccone, Writer: Episode 38

What an honor to have my writing selected by Writer's Infusion for a critique. The team has a list of impressive credentials and their feedback was honest and helpful. I was so thrilled with their recommendations that I immediately reworked the manuscript. Such a great result! Thank you Writer's Infusion for providing a wonderful experience. You really do make a difference! 

---Dani Camarena, Writer: Episode 24

I was invited on Writer's Infusion to share parts of my middle grade manuscript, The Missing Bracelet. I had never shared the book publicly, so I was very nervous to expose it on camera! However, from the moment I walked in, Susan and her team made me feel so comfortable. During the filming, I nearly forgot we were on camera. The critique session was respectful and helpful. It was immediately apparent that they were well prepared- every member of the panel had taken time to read my manuscript beforehand. Their suggestions were fantastic- things I hadn't even considered that would make the story shine brighter. I was excited to rework the manuscript according to the feedback I received.
I highly recommend sharing your own writing on Writer's Infusion!

---Tara Sareen, Writer: Episode 12

Writing is such an inward process that it's comforting to meet like-minded folks. Thank you for having our daughter be a part of Writer's Infusion. It has been one of the highlights of her high school experience; she has only great things to say about it.

---Parent of one of our guests