Episode 18: "Go" Stage Play Adaptation by Carly Greenberg

This is an excerpt from the 148-page stage play adaptation by Carly Greenberg, based on the first Beat novel titled “Go” by John Clellon Holmes. 

If you want to skip ahead to the critique, read the pages on your own (links below) and go to minute 10:04. (We all took a part, though; it might make it easier to follow along!)**

Click here to download the original pages from the "Go" adaptation.
Click here to download the critiqued pages from the "Go" adaptation.

**A couple of notes about this episode:

Per Carly's note, we'd like to clarify that 1) Carly wrote this as a stage play, not a screenplay (although she may also write the screenplay!), 2) the event Dave mentions during the critique, namely Pasternak drugging Dinah and taking advantage of her/the characters ending up on the ground, does not occur in the scene. Instead, it is Kennedy who drugs everyone in the room while they're all seated, and then carries a "giggling" Dinah offstage. When Pasternak leads Kathryn offstage, she is not drugged. In Act 1, it is implied that Kathryn and Hobbes attempt to follow the new "moral understanding" of an open marriage (which later turns into a mess). And 3) "Maman" refers to Pasternak (Jack Kerouac's French mother).