How does it work?

Important: You must be 17 or older to participate!

Have you written a short story, novel, novella, memoir, screenplay or essay? Send us up to 5 consecutive pages (no more than 1,500 words) using the submission form below. We randomly choose submissions to review before each episode. Sorry, we're not accepting poetry or explicit scenes at this time.

If your submissions is chosen, you'll be given the opportunity to join us on the show! Camera shy? We'll critique your writing without your physical presence, and we'll only use your name with your permission. That means you have nothing to lose!

After we post the show, you can follow along by downloading an unmarked and/or critiqued copy of each submission. 

Why send us your pages?

Our goal is to help you write better, for free.

Many people find that feedback from experienced, unbiased readers is very helpful in improving their writing. But it’s hard to find a good writer's group or writing partner. And it’s expensive to hire a professional critiquer. 

That's where we can help. If your submission is chosen, you'll receive feedback from everyone on the team. This means that you aren't relying on just one person to provide an opinion on your writing. 

We'll let you know if your writing:

  • flows well
  • introduces conflict
  • presents interesting characters
  • handles emotion

And how to avoid:

  • clichés
  • plot holes
  • chronology issues
  • spelling errors
  • grammatical slips

Questions? Email us at

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Susan Zall, Julie Weil, Ed DeJesus, Dave Sahl, and Jennifer Rogala

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